Linkie Goodness # 1

Interesting post on changing the submission and review processes for academic journals

An indication of why so many pastors get burnt out

From the Naked Pastor

Tony Jones on Marx, Weber and Emergenty type stuff

Atheists. There is no god or there is probably no god?

Social good = social gospel?

Desiring God resolutions for mental health

In case you needed reminding about those chances of winning the Lotto. You’re more likely to die on the way to buy your ticket than win on that ticket.

From Indexed

I plan to listen to the entire Bible for the year. Commuting in my car to work seems the ideal time. I spend an hour and a half roughly each day in there. I can definitely squeeze 15 minutes into that space

Useful questions to ask yourself as a Christian in 2010

No lightbulbs. Instead we have glowing wallpaper (HT: The Angry Hedgehog)

How do you pronounce 2010?

10 reasons people leave the church (HT: Friendly Atheist)

Stephen Kinsella wants to redesign his website


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