Linkie Goodness #4

Why saying I’ll get back to you on important questions isn’t often the best response

One remedy for dealing with addictions. Much better than a mumbled prayer at the end of a meeting in my view.

PhD Comics

A possible reason for St. Francis’s advice to preach the gospel with actions rather than words

‘How Bad For The Environment Can Throwing Away One Plastic Bottle Be?’ 30 Million People Wonder

How much does your life weigh?

Sometimes being right is wrong

God is better than sex. Minefield of a statement but it’s a no brainer on one level isn’t it?

How can you be a failure if you’re obeying God?

We may eventually get nano technology in our medicine The robots are taking over I tell ya! ;-)

Japan has given the world some good things and some very weird things

Planning to do things other than love

Take God out of church and the associated events. Would we even notice?

Even as I read this I can’t help but think that knowing the same lesson I’ll make the same mistake

A song about Irish newsreader Sharon Ní Bheoláin:


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