Linkie Goodness #7

The 25th annual beard championships

Really like the parable used in this post. Good analogy for the idea of the Christian walk.

An interview with Matthew Turner of Jesus Needs New PR


Toothpick scupltures

Amelia Earhart on the occasion of her marriage

I think a lot of people would like to work under this guy. I know I would.

French priest turns up drunk to a funeral and punches a man

The dangers of pornography. Slowly entering the wider consciousness (HT: Tim Challies)

JRR Tolkien sings a song from LOTR (HT: Evangelical Outpost)

Turns out a lot of men might like their women to have a Victorian attitude to sex (HT: Evangelical Outpost)

Helping that annoying friend achieve Google independence

Pictures from Easter celebrations across the world

Tim Cahill is assaulted by vengeful corner flags

“…so instead we have to start a Facebook group, which amounts to a virtual circle of pee, but not as smelly.” Great line in a good post on ‘Christian’ music.

Anne Rice, authour of Interview with the Vampire, on faith and loss there of

Pity it takes a profit driven company to promote this message (HT: 6 Year Med)


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