Linkie Goodness #10

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

It’s ok to just be a Christian

By the way you forward really stupid, ridiculous emails to one another…and if you refuse to forward them to everyone you have in your contact list then you don’t love me

A great post on the dangers of a duck as a pet

funny graphs and charts
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There are honest people in some sports

Interesting observations on medical stuff

I love the Southern granny in this story Jon Acuff uses to talk about grace

Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda

Who knew the volcano was on Facebook?

Top Ten Ways your toddler is like a drunk

William Lane Craig on five problems for Calvinists

25 examples of unintentional porn

With great cleavage comes great responsibility

Interesting counting game from the Sudan

funny graphs and charts
see more Funny Graphs

In China they’re using heavy artillery to deal with the smells emanating from landfill sites

Interesting article on lobbyist spend in Washington and Brussels

Pretty much sums up my opinion on the niqab

Do you check Facebook during intimate moments? Can you imagine the status messages?

Marge Simpson as the continent of Europe

Significance of different colours in different cultures

What a wonderful world. Death Metal version (HT: Abraham Piper)

One of my current favourite ads


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