Linkie Goodness #11

I like this warning sign

A letter from CS Lewis to a young fan.

19 tips if depressed

What I am advocating is for debates such as the one in question to be kept in their proper context. Since the matter of homosexuality and its relation to Christian discipleship is a community-of-faith matter and a Scripture-interpretation matter, it has no business being discussed outside of the church

Dawkins demands arrest of Bin Laden

One life in comparison to eternity

The beauty of ancient maps

I’m a white man. Do you realise how much you hate me?

Some sensible election promises

Llamas as security guards

College professors ignore their own advice. Nothing new there then :-)

They have far too much time in the armed forces

Women! The product I certainly never conceived you might need

It’s not over until it’s over. An abject lesson in concentrating until the end of the game (HT: Abraham Piper)

The Japanese way to fold t-shirts

I could do this. I just don’t want too…

Powerpoint. The tool of Satan


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