Linkie Goodness #13

I love this post. Dog warden asks you which of four languages are you fluent in before issuing you a warning. If I do end up in Brussels…

The result of all of that, are young people unwilling or unable to accept responsibility. Young people who were directly responsible for much of the disaster that was the Celtic Tiger. This is the big problem that Ireland faces in terms of its credibility, from the point of view of credit markets and everything else.

Man finally put in charge of struggling feminist movement

Pope Benedict XVI
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Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie

Logic is our superstition

Thus, Johnson writes that “Christian mysticism that finds no center in the Eucharist or the Passion of Christ drifts into a form of self-grooming.”
(HT: Internet Monk)

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Raquel Welch on the sexual revolution (HT: Joe Carter)

Emotional expectations become pornography. A must read for the woman who wants to be married more than she wants the man.

While I would wholeheartedly agree that the tangible outworking of our faith is important, I think the statement that theology is nothing more than head knowledge is a mis-statement and does a disservice to actively pursuing the knowledge of God

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But I draw the line at research handouts for lecturers who don’t need them. No academic that I’ve ever met works nine to five, five days a week. With three months of holiday and every weekend free, who really needs a cash incentive to finish that groundbreaking study of the use of intransitive verbs in Elizabeth Gaskell’s work or undertake that much-needed study of medieval Provencal plainsong, the only window of opportunity for a research trip being July?

De Valera could have become a mathematician

I relate to a lot of the stuff Tony Jones says on why he’s staying where he is.

Making meetings more productive

Solving problems

You either have that mentality (mentalism) or you don’t (fannyism)

The Methodist Church? There’s an app for that

Financial Times on Ireland

A very useful resource if you plan to homeschool your children (HT:Stephen Kinsella)

(HT: Rowan Manahan)


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