Linkie Goodness #14

Tokyo couple married by robot

A photographic analysis of World Cup book presentations

Americans, this is why we think you’re bad at geography

funny graphs and charts
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A sermon after a suicide

Failure is not automatically good

And the Lord said: “Don’t feed the trolls

He who controls the light

Some great Star Wars photos. (HT: You know who you are)

Beach Art

The Danni Alves risk

49 favourite chats from the soccer season just ended

Interesting take on the Crusades. A lie told often enough becomes the truth? (HT:Joe Carter)

Past results reveal future performance. I would have thought this was obvious. How stupid do you have to be to think otherwise or presume that they’ll let you take over the moment you walk in the door?

Being lazy for the Lord

Majority of Government doesn’t trust you either

funny food photos - Dinner is Thoroughly Nuked
see more

What a place that takes bicycles seriously looks like (HT: Panti)

All you need to know about the new Sex and the City movie. Also, what a guy thinks when he sees the trailer for that movie.

Gay men are more well endowed than straight

Figuring out media bias

Japanese rice farmers laugh at your primitive crop circles

Men’s liberation arise

I would love this to happen on a street I was on at random some day

Pretty amazing free-kick

Happy Birthday Mr. Bus Driver (HT: Panti)


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