Linkie Goodness #16

Ironically I do tend to get on better with grandmas regardless of whether they’re or not

I finally truly understand what is meant when a black woman refers to her booty…

T-shirts to sum up the Irish Summer

funny food photos - Do They Grow Into a Bush? Tree? Giant Bowl of Milk?
see more

The following photo has not been digitally altered

I got over the Henry handball the next day but it seems the rest of ye can’t quite do it yet

Mario V Pacman (HT:Abraham Piper)

I probably wouldn’t be half as emotionally distant from the faith if I could find people like this near where I live (HT: Brad Lomenick)

Managing by the manual

Being on someone’s mind

Where belief and reality clash

Comic Sans, bitches

A ship trying to make its way to Palestine under blockade is boarded and stopped. People are killed. In 1947

What it’s like to own an Apple product

Vincent Van Gogh on himself

I thought it was dancing first. Then I thought it was gymnastics and finally I realised it’s just awesome. (HT: Common Sense Atheism)

Weezer do the unofficial USA World Cup Anthem. I loves it. (HT: Dirty Tackle

Christian swear words. Good vid for me :-) Reminds me of a woman I knew who would exclaim: ‘Oh my lambs’ :-)


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