Linkie Goodness #17

Where does Australia fit in the world?

Yeah, I like kids but I like the fact I can give them back as well

Keeping it simple

Kicked in the head, kicked in the balls, fair deuce to Gerard Pique for keeping going

When is difference in the aptitude among the sexes not sexist? (HT: Turbulence Ahead)

Wanting to be a pastor without doing pastoring

Yes there’s evil in the world but how many people’s sins are on the minor scale?

Love this method of catching people for racial victimisation

The ethics of outing an anti-gay preacher

Switching off the Internet

The fruit of silence is prayer

Even if it’s problematic it’s nice to see some smart apolitical political communication (HT: Writing for (y)EU)

The anti-rape condom


Wonderful and crazy news headline

If you like soccer players but not necessarily soccer

Having sex with lots of people gives a rise to infections. In other news the Pope is a Roman Catholic.

I won’t suffer from this problem when I finally get an iPhone because I don’t have a girlfriend via Abraham Piper

The best fathers from moving pictures on screens

This is part of the reason I want to work for the EU. Political communication that takes risks

Ken learns the horrible truth


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