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Linkie Goodness #19

The Geek Alphabet

On breastfeeding. Obviously I’ve never really considered the issue all that much before…

Christian attitudes to criticism

An extra hour of sunlight by switching the clocks makes a lot of sense

Taking your emergent/whatever stuff a bit too seriously

Make your notes look authentic with coffee stains

I did this to you my pregnant wife

Are atheist priests the answer to the problems of the Roman Catholic Church?

Very good post on the local church being big

Shameless, gratuitous male look at cool new jet plane

You think the government is trying to control your head with radio signals? Better rethink that foil helmet

Really cool wave photographer

I want my own set of stormtrooper armour and when did female sci-fi geeks all become incredibly good looking? Not that I’m complaining like…

Violin cover of Gnarls Barkley Crazy


Summing up a philosophy on life

from Hugh MacLeod

Linkie Goodness #18

Good manners costs nothing

So crucifixion on the cross might have been made up via Church of No People

I agree with the sentiments of this post. I don’t think a lot of people want honesty or authenticity.

On grade inflation and academic performance

I’ve noticed this whole morning phenomenon in my own life.

On finding joy in life

Open letter to men or one man…

I don’t understand why anyone cheats when it comes to college stuff. The amount of effort required makes it just as easy to do the assignment yourself.

Do you really believe what you believe?

“Goal orientation is absolutely disastrous in life.” Stephen Fry on what he’d wish he’d known when he was 18…

Desire to Ejaculate Desire Motivates Local Christian To Wed

My brother is right to be scared of clowns

Some amazing pictures of deep sea animals

Poverty in white South Africa

Dealing with conflict in the church according to Mennonites via Zoomtard

Interesting Video. I find the point on social versus economic incentives particularly worthy of consideration

A 21st century solution to procrastination. Found it at me brother’s Tumblr


The super busy phase that comes around every few months seems to be starting in earnest. What happens is that I exert a bit more discipline and go to bed on time simply out of necessity, etc and usually there’s at least one freak out…

* looks around at you all *

Linkie Goodness #18

Winning is nice but losing is learning

Last signal from the Titanic

UK might be getting rid of homeopathy

Future you probably won’t do it either

Women and men are different. ‘Era nah twonk

More Barna Research on the ‘average christians

When I rule the world it will be mandatory to have these where there are large flights of stairs via Panti

I kissed a nerd and I liked it via Friendly Atheist

Superfically judging superficiality

I’ve always said that who a woman is matters more than what she looks like. I still believe this to be true but I think I need to elaborate the nuances of my position that bit better as I had a recent revelation of sorts.

Physical chemistry is undoubtedly part of romantic relationships. If you can’t look at your other half and feel a little stirring inside of you there’s something wrong. If you wake up in the morning and the sight of their form next to you fills you with desire that’s a healthy place to be. The way the light catches them and you think, “Damn I’ve got a keeper there.” That’s a big part of romantic relationships.

And people are different with different tastes. I’ll never fulfil the tall, dark and mysterious stereotype. I’ve got to go for the twinkly eyed, bit of a rascal, curly haired imp. Well that’s one of the angles I can use to market myself. People are complex individuals and rarely meet only one stereotype we like to impose upon them. I can do the athletic, in shape, competitive alpha male or the soft, sweet, sensitive bookish type with an intellectual air. I can do the well dressed, executive type as well although I need more practice at it. When I have my own house fully I’ll have a shed out the back in which I’ll do woodwork. Another niche I can fill and perform.

Women can be vindictive creatures – particularly towards those of their kind that received large amounts of male attention. That bimbo, or that slut – the venom can be epitaph inducing at times. A man is criticised for being attracted to a good looking woman due to an assumed superficial basis. The woman who makes that judgement is as superficial, if not more so, for their disdain towards both the woman who receives the attention and the man who offers it.

This was sort of brought home to me when I realised I suddenly had a small physical attraction to a woman I had known previous and not felt anything towards. A woman losing weight is nothing new as such but it struck me that how a person maintains their body is a sign of the type of the person he or she claims to be. A woman in good shape is likely to have strength, determination and focus. She is likely to be disciplined. These are traits that I think are good in a person. They’re positive. The first impression you form of a person, the impression that actually rarely changes over time, is so often based on nothing more than your own prejudices and biases and the appearance of a person makes a large portion of that.

It’s not the case that it’s the sum total of your opinion of a woman. But I think I’m going to grant myself a lot more leeway in letting an attraction develop to a woman in good shape based on the fact she’s in good shape

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