Take me to bed

“Are you going to come to bed Steven?” Despite the phrasing it’s not a request. The use of the long version of my name makes me know that you’re serious. I look at the time. Strange how I have the laptop, my phone, my watch and the clock in my home office to tell me the time but I need you to let me know what time it is. I look over my shoulder through the open door. You walk, purposefully, slowly to the bedroom. My eyes follow your every step even as the soft carpet fills the gaps between your toes. You turn to enter the bedroom and gaze down past your shoulder with the briefest of pauses before you disappear into the softly lit sleeping chamber.

My tired, frazzled brain suddenly realises that there’s a reason I chose this woman and reaches the conclusion that whatever was occupying my time definitely isn’t worth the time that I can spend with her. I slap down the laptop and seek to hide my haste by deliberately slowing the footsteps that have promised to always follow yours. You know me too well by now to be fooled by this feeble attempt. I can see it in the smile you make to yourself as you brush your hair. I come up behind you and while slipping my arms around your waist I kiss the nape of your neck you always leave exposed when brushing your hair – in the hope that I kiss it.

We lie in bed gazing at each other. The room is dark but there is nothing hidden between us. Your soft breaths kiss my bare chest and you luxuriate in the strength contained in your man’s arms. I inhale the pleasing aroma that is your hair and now you know why I never complain about the length of time you take in the shower. There is enough light to see each other’s eyes and you first look away before locking mine and then smiling while we cuddle and kiss and relax after a long day. The thought as we both doze off to sleep is how no matter how rough the day has been the night always manages to make it seem like everything is right with the world.

I wish you could take me to bed right now…


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