Do you ever think about how much a person can tolerate? Do you ever look at someone and wonder how they can put up with that person or that situation? I’m a firm believer in the little things. Taking care of the little things means people can get over the crushing mess that threatens to overwhelm them and stick it out that little bit longer.

Read this recently. It may be with the rose tinted glasses of hindsight but when I see big Christian movements like this talking about stuff that I’ve tried to implement in my life over the past few years it makes me wonder how different life could have been.

Maybe I’m crazy but this just seems like a no brainer for me when it comes to Christian believers. Shouldn’t we be living our lives in such a way that asking the hard questions is normal? Isn’t iron meant to sharpen iron? Maybe it’s me. I might just be an incredibly difficult person to approach. I like to think I’m not but perhaps experience is telling me different. Sometimes there is a truth but it’s just too difficult to see or too hurtful to communicate. I know that feeling in my own life. I love you too much to tell you.

When someone asks you ‘Why?’ they’re not looking for a reason for what happened. They’re asking why did you hurt them. They’re asking why are you doing this to me. Why in this context isn’t a question but more a cry of pain and there’s no real way for it to be answered properly. Sometimes you wish you could make a person understand but there’s no way for you to do so because what you’ve done is incomprehensible.

But there’s always the question of if a person had met you where you were at would things have been any different?


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