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2006 was the best year of my life in so many ways. 2007 was crap as was 2008. 2009 sucked a lot too and 2010 has just been an incredibly tough year as well. It might be tempting fate but 2011 could be a really good year and it’s due to a lot of hard work laid in the previous years. I feel like I’m owed one but then life isn’t about getting what you deserve.

At work I’m in a spot that gives me a lot more autonomy and the opportunity to make an impression whether good or bad over the coming while. I also have a few plans with my Masters that could raise my stock with high up people in my organisation in addition to accomplishing the goal of acutally completing a substantial piece of research in my own right. In the best case scenario the dissertation gets a slight reworking and published in a journal or two. That would be super awesome.

With regard to soccer there’s the playing side and the admin side. I don’t know about the playing side of things. Outside of my control. No matter what I do it doesn’t seem to get me into contention. Keep at it. Things might yet turn around. On the admin side things will turn around. Just a matter of when. Pretty sure I want to take it over. Run it properly for a while. I thrive on that kind of thing.

God stuff – I honestly don’t know. I often thought that a failure to act would never exacerbate an underlying issues but sometimes they’re connected so the failure to act is the critical issue in a lot of ways. Flailing around trying to find a place in some sort of faith community isn’t a good way to be. Of course if you’re doubting the existence of a god you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be I suppose. It’s crazy when I think about it in a lot of ways. Merits a post in its own right to sort it all out in my own head.

Personally I definitely need a long holiday and break away from things. Be nice to find a girl in 2011 but between the spiritual stuff and the damage from previous relationships that seems to surface the more I try to move past it I’m not really sure how that’s going to work out.

I’d really like to get better at the photography thing in the next 12 months. Would also like to improve my Irish and German. Get properly fit. I finally figured out where I can do chin ups. Off the washing line pole. Close to home and convenient and not likely to break on me. It’s a point I’ve touched on in the past but I’m struck by how much you can become like the people you surround yourself with. Ideally what I need is one or two more fitness inclined, politically interested guys my own age who like to debate intellectual questions and have a laugh every now and then.

We’ll see


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Stressful Events Today

Customer comes in to complain. The best way to complain that makes you feel the worst because they’re not making an issue of it but they are genuinely upset. Tears and frustrations poured out.

Member of my team has a car crash and I have to run out in wind and the rain to help calm her down and make sure she’s alright. Thankfully nothing serious.

Tell another member of my team that a request has been turned down for the third time.

Phone call from soccer. Following resignation of life long member of club last night another person resigns. Repeat five more times in the course of the evening.

Training called off because of weather.

Unable to get work done at work because of soccer phone calls.

Go home to find heating isn’t working despite refill and despite instructions to housemate to let me know immediately if heating doesn’t work so I can get someone out to fix it for tonight. This is same housemate who I had asked to be up for the latest at 2 o’clock and had specifically arranged for kerosene to arrive in afternoon to facilitate. Rang him at 2.20 and he was asleep – * sighs *

Washing machine isn’t fixed after two weeks and they said they’d call out today as well as the part had arrived. The part would have arrived sooner but due to a failed previous call out…

Annoying to say the least

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