Linkie Goodness #20

Sometimes you just suffer. There isn’t a deeper meaning

The letter to the Boy Scouts on the death of their founder.

The cell phone, a device meant to enhance my communication with others, can increase my ability to communicate with those who are far from me, but this often comes at the cost of communication with… those closest to me

Doing at the expense of listening

On when it is appropriate to divorce and remarry

Their heterosexuality, their normalcy, was assumed. We make no such assumption today.

No I don’t

First same sex couple to appear on Dancing with the Stars franchise in Israel. Deciding who will follow and who will lead is often a problem even in opposite sex couples. (HT: Panti)

Two questions to think about via Manner of Speaking

Interesting post on our attitude to theologians

I have approximately two sons

If the first two men to walk on the moon had been stranded there

It must be possible… otherwise somebody like me would not have been able to do it

The Four Levels of Social Entrapment

On Slacktivism

Teenagers are a myth

The irony of this scheme is that for all its proponents’ antagonism for works righteousness, it is an utterly works righteousness scheme. Sure it might not be our works of the law that save us, but we are still saved by the works of the law.

Love is the little things

The life long fight against sin

The under water bubble room

We could all do this. We just don’t want to

Maybe via Manner of Speaking


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