Stressful Events Today

Customer comes in to complain. The best way to complain that makes you feel the worst because they’re not making an issue of it but they are genuinely upset. Tears and frustrations poured out.

Member of my team has a car crash and I have to run out in wind and the rain to help calm her down and make sure she’s alright. Thankfully nothing serious.

Tell another member of my team that a request has been turned down for the third time.

Phone call from soccer. Following resignation of life long member of club last night another person resigns. Repeat five more times in the course of the evening.

Training called off because of weather.

Unable to get work done at work because of soccer phone calls.

Go home to find heating isn’t working despite refill and despite instructions to housemate to let me know immediately if heating doesn’t work so I can get someone out to fix it for tonight. This is same housemate who I had asked to be up for the latest at 2 o’clock and had specifically arranged for kerosene to arrive in afternoon to facilitate. Rang him at 2.20 and he was asleep – * sighs *

Washing machine isn’t fixed after two weeks and they said they’d call out today as well as the part had arrived. The part would have arrived sooner but due to a failed previous call out…

Annoying to say the least


2 Responses to “Stressful Events Today”

  1. 2 Karita Wednesday, 17 November 2010 at 14:52

    Ouch. That’s a nasty day. *Hugs*

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