On being content

Watch the video above. The guy became something of an Internet celebrity for obvious reasons but the thing that has struck me is just how happy he is. He’s doing something he loves and he obviously enjoys it.

In my life I’m involved in things I love; it’s just they all decided to go horribly wrong and be stressful all at the same time. No-one said that a quiet life didn’t have to be earned of course but this video got me thinking.

I’m in a career that I chose and that I love.

I’m in a job that I had a degree of choice in and I enjoy the challenge it offers.

In soccer I’m doing something I love despite all the frustrations

I’m studying something I love and find interesting

My living situation is pretty much ideal given the circumstances. Couldn’t hope for any more.

That DJ might be on a bit of happy juice but I just wonder what I’ll be like when everything finally falls into place.


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