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Sleeping pattern is fecked. Think I know what choices I need to make though. Long road but I’ll take the many steps that are needed


Just typing so I type something…

Today I woke up at around half one having went to sleep after 3 a.m. Therein lies a problem that I’m hoping to fix. You don’t really miss anything if you go to bed early and get a normal night’s sleep but I seem convinced I will. In fact you ruin your day if you don’t get a regular sleep pattern going but this seems to escape the region of my mind that causes habits to form.

I then had to fight with myself over whether I should go to the gym or not. I’ve come up with a simple formula to fight the depression.

Get outside and exercise.

Meet someone and have a chat or a coffee

Blog or journal about how I’m feeling

Obviously I need to be sleeping and eating properly but hopefully this will go someway to helping me fix things – if that’s the right phrase.

It was a real struggle to get out and go to the gym. I knew I’d felt great after it but I still was surprised by it to a degree.

I’ll keep at things. Never know what might happen

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