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Linkie Goodness #22

A great idea to get you to use words that you don’t use very often

Being God’s fool

Some great one liners

Expect great things

Voting gives me so much pleasure

How to do airport security properly

Confessions of a recovering engineer

Worst. Soccer Miss. Ever


Linkie Goodness #21

This makes me happy

20 untranslatable words from other languages that capture concepts perfectly

Hope I’m like this elderly DJ when I’m her age

Proper professional returns home

Car race with a difference

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Iraq now more than ever.

Proper use of a Freedom of Information culture

On the relational impact of the term homophobic

On closet doctrines

World War 1 from the air

On student revolutionaries

Really like this idea for engaging public services

Diary of a war artist

8 month old baby hears for the first time

On having your own personal desk

Some positivity

All those YouTube clips you have missed

Linkie Goodness #20

Sometimes you just suffer. There isn’t a deeper meaning

The letter to the Boy Scouts on the death of their founder.

The cell phone, a device meant to enhance my communication with others, can increase my ability to communicate with those who are far from me, but this often comes at the cost of communication with… those closest to me

Doing at the expense of listening

On when it is appropriate to divorce and remarry

Their heterosexuality, their normalcy, was assumed. We make no such assumption today.

No I don’t

First same sex couple to appear on Dancing with the Stars franchise in Israel. Deciding who will follow and who will lead is often a problem even in opposite sex couples. (HT: Panti)

Two questions to think about via Manner of Speaking

Interesting post on our attitude to theologians

I have approximately two sons

If the first two men to walk on the moon had been stranded there

It must be possible… otherwise somebody like me would not have been able to do it

The Four Levels of Social Entrapment

On Slacktivism

Teenagers are a myth

The irony of this scheme is that for all its proponents’ antagonism for works righteousness, it is an utterly works righteousness scheme. Sure it might not be our works of the law that save us, but we are still saved by the works of the law.

Love is the little things

The life long fight against sin

The under water bubble room

We could all do this. We just don’t want to

Maybe via Manner of Speaking

Linkie Goodness #19

The Geek Alphabet

On breastfeeding. Obviously I’ve never really considered the issue all that much before…

Christian attitudes to criticism

An extra hour of sunlight by switching the clocks makes a lot of sense

Taking your emergent/whatever stuff a bit too seriously

Make your notes look authentic with coffee stains

I did this to you my pregnant wife

Are atheist priests the answer to the problems of the Roman Catholic Church?

Very good post on the local church being big

Shameless, gratuitous male look at cool new jet plane

You think the government is trying to control your head with radio signals? Better rethink that foil helmet

Really cool wave photographer

I want my own set of stormtrooper armour and when did female sci-fi geeks all become incredibly good looking? Not that I’m complaining like…

Violin cover of Gnarls Barkley Crazy

Linkie Goodness #18

Good manners costs nothing

So crucifixion on the cross might have been made up via Church of No People

I agree with the sentiments of this post. I don’t think a lot of people want honesty or authenticity.

On grade inflation and academic performance

I’ve noticed this whole morning phenomenon in my own life.

On finding joy in life

Open letter to men or one man…

I don’t understand why anyone cheats when it comes to college stuff. The amount of effort required makes it just as easy to do the assignment yourself.

Do you really believe what you believe?

“Goal orientation is absolutely disastrous in life.” Stephen Fry on what he’d wish he’d known when he was 18…

Desire to Ejaculate Desire Motivates Local Christian To Wed

My brother is right to be scared of clowns

Some amazing pictures of deep sea animals

Poverty in white South Africa

Dealing with conflict in the church according to Mennonites via Zoomtard

Interesting Video. I find the point on social versus economic incentives particularly worthy of consideration

A 21st century solution to procrastination. Found it at me brother’s Tumblr

Linkie Goodness #18

Winning is nice but losing is learning

Last signal from the Titanic

UK might be getting rid of homeopathy

Future you probably won’t do it either

Women and men are different. ‘Era nah twonk

More Barna Research on the ‘average christians

When I rule the world it will be mandatory to have these where there are large flights of stairs via Panti

I kissed a nerd and I liked it via Friendly Atheist

Linkie Goodness #17

Where does Australia fit in the world?

Yeah, I like kids but I like the fact I can give them back as well

Keeping it simple

Kicked in the head, kicked in the balls, fair deuce to Gerard Pique for keeping going

When is difference in the aptitude among the sexes not sexist? (HT: Turbulence Ahead)

Wanting to be a pastor without doing pastoring

Yes there’s evil in the world but how many people’s sins are on the minor scale?

Love this method of catching people for racial victimisation

The ethics of outing an anti-gay preacher

Switching off the Internet

The fruit of silence is prayer

Even if it’s problematic it’s nice to see some smart apolitical political communication (HT: Writing for (y)EU)

The anti-rape condom


Wonderful and crazy news headline

If you like soccer players but not necessarily soccer

Having sex with lots of people gives a rise to infections. In other news the Pope is a Roman Catholic.

I won’t suffer from this problem when I finally get an iPhone because I don’t have a girlfriend via Abraham Piper

The best fathers from moving pictures on screens

This is part of the reason I want to work for the EU. Political communication that takes risks

Ken learns the horrible truth

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