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Friday Funny #6

Darth Vader inspects the new squad of crack troops

Darth Vader inspects the new troops.

No I do not need better things to occupy my time with :-p



When I was around the age of 18 my parents didn’t allow my brothers and me to watch Friends. Yet now my Dad laughs while watching the show with my 13 year old smallest brother.

Take the laughter track out of it and see how weird it becomes:

(HT: Seán O’Grady)

Christmas Overeating

Brother at friend’s house after our pot luck church meeting. As usual there is chocolate, sweets and drinks available from the hostest with the mostest. My brother has just refused the offer of some more junk food after severely indulging in Christmas excesses…

“There’s no way I could eat a single extra thing right now”

“What? Not even chocolate?”


“Not even fried chicken?”


“Not even crispy roast duck?”

“Well, maybe one small piece of crispy roast duck from the Chinese”

* laughter ensues *

“What about steak?”

“Oooh, I’d love some steak actually”

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