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Linkie Goodness #21

This makes me happy

20 untranslatable words from other languages that capture concepts perfectly

Hope I’m like this elderly DJ when I’m her age

Proper professional returns home

Car race with a difference

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Iraq now more than ever.

Proper use of a Freedom of Information culture

On the relational impact of the term homophobic

On closet doctrines

World War 1 from the air

On student revolutionaries

Really like this idea for engaging public services

Diary of a war artist

8 month old baby hears for the first time

On having your own personal desk

Some positivity

All those YouTube clips you have missed


Linkie Goodness #15

Young feel lonelier than the old

What Disney teaches men women want (HT: Abraham Piper)

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight

The Irish curse is hitting the World Cup

On Drink

Quick intro to Bible books

Love a lot of the one liners in this

Make a cast off church pew your head board

Interesting Video on Time

Lego Printer

Linkie Goodness #14

Tokyo couple married by robot

A photographic analysis of World Cup book presentations

Americans, this is why we think you’re bad at geography

funny graphs and charts
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A sermon after a suicide

Failure is not automatically good

And the Lord said: “Don’t feed the trolls

He who controls the light

Some great Star Wars photos. (HT: You know who you are)

Beach Art

The Danni Alves risk

49 favourite chats from the soccer season just ended

Interesting take on the Crusades. A lie told often enough becomes the truth? (HT:Joe Carter)

Past results reveal future performance. I would have thought this was obvious. How stupid do you have to be to think otherwise or presume that they’ll let you take over the moment you walk in the door?

Being lazy for the Lord

Majority of Government doesn’t trust you either

funny food photos - Dinner is Thoroughly Nuked
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What a place that takes bicycles seriously looks like (HT: Panti)

All you need to know about the new Sex and the City movie. Also, what a guy thinks when he sees the trailer for that movie.

Gay men are more well endowed than straight

Figuring out media bias

Japanese rice farmers laugh at your primitive crop circles

Men’s liberation arise

I would love this to happen on a street I was on at random some day

Pretty amazing free-kick

Happy Birthday Mr. Bus Driver (HT: Panti)

Linkie Goodness #13

I love this post. Dog warden asks you which of four languages are you fluent in before issuing you a warning. If I do end up in Brussels…

The result of all of that, are young people unwilling or unable to accept responsibility. Young people who were directly responsible for much of the disaster that was the Celtic Tiger. This is the big problem that Ireland faces in terms of its credibility, from the point of view of credit markets and everything else.

Man finally put in charge of struggling feminist movement

Pope Benedict XVI
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Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie

Logic is our superstition

Thus, Johnson writes that “Christian mysticism that finds no center in the Eucharist or the Passion of Christ drifts into a form of self-grooming.”
(HT: Internet Monk)

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Raquel Welch on the sexual revolution (HT: Joe Carter)

Emotional expectations become pornography. A must read for the woman who wants to be married more than she wants the man.

While I would wholeheartedly agree that the tangible outworking of our faith is important, I think the statement that theology is nothing more than head knowledge is a mis-statement and does a disservice to actively pursuing the knowledge of God

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But I draw the line at research handouts for lecturers who don’t need them. No academic that I’ve ever met works nine to five, five days a week. With three months of holiday and every weekend free, who really needs a cash incentive to finish that groundbreaking study of the use of intransitive verbs in Elizabeth Gaskell’s work or undertake that much-needed study of medieval Provencal plainsong, the only window of opportunity for a research trip being July?

De Valera could have become a mathematician

I relate to a lot of the stuff Tony Jones says on why he’s staying where he is.

Making meetings more productive

Solving problems

You either have that mentality (mentalism) or you don’t (fannyism)

The Methodist Church? There’s an app for that

Financial Times on Ireland

A very useful resource if you plan to homeschool your children (HT:Stephen Kinsella)

(HT: Rowan Manahan)

Linkie Goodness #12

When I’ve been reading journal articles I’ve thought some of these

Hot knows no limits?

Create your own chocolate bar

funny food photos - DinoStrawberrySaurus
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Complaints after misogynist magazine for misogynists found to contain misogyny

The illegitimacy of management

The right attitude to a Moleskine for me

Can you be honest and intelligent?

New record for the world’s longest soccer match

funny pictures of cats with captions
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How to pray badly

Oh dear…

He argued that evil is so sexy whilst good is so unattractive because the modern ideological conception of virtue is bound up with middle class conceptions of passivity, restriction and obligations

People if not quite walking on water but managing to run on it

People on an island nearly ran out of food only for a passing sailor to alert people to their plight

Japanese people learning English wearing German t-shirts and singing about the illness they have…

This is one way to announce you’re pregnant with twins (HT:Abraham Piper)

Linkie Goodness #11

I like this warning sign

A letter from CS Lewis to a young fan.

19 tips if depressed

What I am advocating is for debates such as the one in question to be kept in their proper context. Since the matter of homosexuality and its relation to Christian discipleship is a community-of-faith matter and a Scripture-interpretation matter, it has no business being discussed outside of the church

Dawkins demands arrest of Bin Laden

One life in comparison to eternity

The beauty of ancient maps

I’m a white man. Do you realise how much you hate me?

Some sensible election promises

Llamas as security guards

College professors ignore their own advice. Nothing new there then :-)

They have far too much time in the armed forces

Women! The product I certainly never conceived you might need

It’s not over until it’s over. An abject lesson in concentrating until the end of the game (HT: Abraham Piper)

The Japanese way to fold t-shirts

I could do this. I just don’t want too…

Powerpoint. The tool of Satan

Linkie Goodness #10

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

It’s ok to just be a Christian

By the way you forward really stupid, ridiculous emails to one another…and if you refuse to forward them to everyone you have in your contact list then you don’t love me

A great post on the dangers of a duck as a pet

funny graphs and charts
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There are honest people in some sports

Interesting observations on medical stuff

I love the Southern granny in this story Jon Acuff uses to talk about grace

Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda

Who knew the volcano was on Facebook?

Top Ten Ways your toddler is like a drunk

William Lane Craig on five problems for Calvinists

25 examples of unintentional porn

With great cleavage comes great responsibility

Interesting counting game from the Sudan

funny graphs and charts
see more Funny Graphs

In China they’re using heavy artillery to deal with the smells emanating from landfill sites

Interesting article on lobbyist spend in Washington and Brussels

Pretty much sums up my opinion on the niqab

Do you check Facebook during intimate moments? Can you imagine the status messages?

Marge Simpson as the continent of Europe

Significance of different colours in different cultures

What a wonderful world. Death Metal version (HT: Abraham Piper)

One of my current favourite ads

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