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Ice-Cream Temptation

Right now I want ice-cream.

Well I just don’t want ice-cream.

I want some Club Orange, either Haribo Gummi/Gold Bears or Maynards Wine Gums. If I’m feeling particularly overworked, unloved, greedy hungry I may even go for some Doritos Tangy Cheese

I really like one particular flavour: Strawberry Cheesecake.

My favourite of all time, thus far, has been the variety I found in Baskin & Robbins. However their tub offering that’s made it to this part of the world is poor. The strawberry is poor and the ice-cream is that cheap vanilla variety.

I became partial to the kind from Ben and Jerrys but in the mean time I think Haagen Daaz changed their offering and I really like that too. It’s different but still wonderful on the tongue.

Anyway, this is all immaterial to the thought process going on in my head right now:

[Interlude to the interior of my mind]

I really want some ice-cream

No, I can’t eat ice-cream it’ll make me fat.

It won’t really and you deserve it any way.

Yes, it fecking will.

Well, you didn’t eat a proper lunch today so it can count as your third meal.

That’s beside the point. I want to get to a healthier weight and eating ice-cream will not accomplish that.

But why do you want to get to a healthier weight? Are your motivations pure in this? Isn’t this just idolatry?

Well one shouldn’t want to be in shape just to attract a hypothetical partner. It’s to do with fitness and health overall. To use one analogy our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit so we should take care of them.

Ah so, it’s not to do with idolatry it’s to do with deep rooted insecurities about your status as a man in the world and your physical capabilities with reference to the men you see on TV?

Well every guy just likes to be in shape but I think I’m above those shallow comparisons hopefully… And isn’t indulging in some ice-cream and other junk food really just gluttony?

Hey man, your entire First World, Western existence is a daily sacrifice at the altar of gluttony if you’re going to use that argument. How much can some ice-cream hurt?

I’ve had a tough time of it lately…

You have, you have. You deserve some TLC and some ice-cream lovin’

And some Gummi bears would be nice too…

But the (my brother’s) wedding is in a month and I’m the best man. I need to be in shape

So it is about finding a woman!

It’s not sinful to want to look your best for pictures that people will be looking at for the next 50 years.

Start next week. It’s not like you’ve had a great fitness regime this week any way. Might as well make a proper start of it from Monday.

Yeah, well it’s Denise’s birthday meal tomorrow so we’re eating out for that. And then on Saturday it’ll be the meeting with the usual food and sounds like roast dinner with the parents on Sunday. Not exactly a dieting week to be fair…

How much to you like Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake flavour ice-cream?

A lot…

Would it be so bad to just have a few spoonfuls?

That’s bollox. I’ve never once eaten half of those things. Tub open. Tub empty, like.

That’s true. You’re 100% committed in everything you do. You bought that ice-cream though. It’s sitting in the freezer outside. Why is it there? To look pretty?

Half-price sale man. Couldn’t pass that up. I like ice-cream and the way to approach it is to use it sparingly and in moderation at appropriate times. My whole allowed junkfood on Sunday approach has worked for me in the past. We’ll keep at it for now.

Fair enough I suppose…

That said though…


I really want some ice-cream


Two Thoughts

Read this post recently. There’s two things that strike me about it. Firstly, how David is obviously guilt ridden over his actions even a year on. This much is apparent from a cursory reading of the passage in question. When David is confronted with his sin he confesses and repents. One imagines it would have stuck with him after time. One can be forgiven and still labour under guilt.

Secondly, how David screwed up even at the height of his earthly success. In one sense he had really made it and it was in his self-perceived strength that he fell. When we disregard the grace of God that is when we are most vulnerable. When we refuse to acknowledge how he has sustained us and provided for us that is when we delude ourselves.

How is this relevant to me? In the first instance, I don’t really feel guilt about sin any more. I’m referring of course to the sins that used make me feel guilty; the sins I was aware of committing and specifically sexual sins. This excludes all those other sins that we fool ourselves into thinking we don’t commit. There is no desire to engage with them any more or repent of any actions. It’s simply a limbo land. The devil may be pulling a variation on his greatest trick by making me apathetic about stuff that I should really be striving to eliminate. That’s not a good place to be. And secondly, I wonder how much stock I’m putting in my career above my calling. That is not to say that they are mutually exclusive but more to say that while the latter can be above the former the former should never take precedence over the latter. Money, time and effort are all waning towards my church.

We come once again to how a person defines success. Is everything merely a vanity? Or can I be successful in my job, i.e. in the world’s eyes, and truly humble in God’s?

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